Kids and Junk Light: What You Need To Know

Article at a Glance:

  • Kids need more sleep, less stress.
  • Blue light impacts kids more than adults.
  • TrueDark® Daylights™ glasses filter out the worst of the blue light spectrum.

Beware: For Kids, Junk Light is Worse Than Junk Food!

This is because kids are still growing- they need more sleep, less stress. When we inadvertently confuse our bodies by shining junk light into our eyes from smartphones, tablets, it messes up our internal ecosystem, causing eye strain and headaches during the day, and poor sleep at night.

Kids have constant exposure to junk light

– During the day and well into the evening, “bigs” and “littles”  are on screens. That impacts their eyes, brains, and hormones. Because their eyes and brains are still forming, blue light impacts kids more than adults.

– Junk light is also prevalent throughout the classroom with harsh fluorescent lights and bright white LEDs.

– At night, up to the time they go to bed, kids are watching TV, texting with friends, and continuing to be using junk light that is telling their body it’s still daytime. That makes it hard to fall asleep at night.

While it isn’t practical to ban all electronics from your kid’s life, you can still provide them with a simple, natural solution to help them focus during the day and sleep well at night. You can also be the hero by solving the sleep problem while letting them continue to use their electronics or do homework.

TrueDark® Daylights™ glasses filter out the worst of the blue spectrum to reduce the impact of junk light on kids during the day. Remember, some blue is necessary so the body knows it’s daytime, which is why not 100% of blue is blocked. Kids Daylights™ are available in the daytime yellow lenses as well as Twilight red lenses for helping promote sleep.   

Before bed, use TrueDark® Kids Twilights to help your kid’s body and hormones get ready for sleep, while they can still be watching TV or texting with friends. In fact, parents have often reported back to us that the rule in their house is “No Twilights, No Texting” in the hour before bed. Kids sizes and styles are good about 3-8 years, and the Twilights Classes work for kids 9 and up.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 36% of parents and 34% of children leave an electronic device such as a television or computer on in their room while sleeping. So the first step to take is to keep your kid’s rooms dark when it’s time to sleep. You can find other tips to help your kids (and you!) get better sleep here.

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