Vacationer Starter Pack


Traveling can be rough on the body. Help yours adjust to new time zones and overcome jet lag with the help of these circadian-friendly tools.

You’re saving 15% with this bundle

Planning your next vacation? Don’t let jet lag or travel fatigue ruin your adventure. The Vacationer Starter Pack, featuring Human Compatible® technology, is specially designed to help you adjust to new environments quickly and easily. Whether you’re navigating through busy airports, settling into new accommodations, or adjusting to new time zones, this pack has got you covered.

  • One 24 hour solution (one pair of Daylights™ and one pair of Twilights)
  • 1 TrueLight Luna Red® Nightlight + Flashlight
  • Junk Light Dots (clean stick-and-peel tech for on the go!)




Weight 73 oz
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 7 in
TrueLight Luna Red™ IR+FIR Blanket

90 inches x 60 inches (Twin Size)
Plush polyester fleece with Infrared (IR) reflecting charcoalized bamboo particles
Back side has Far Infrared (FIR) reflecting honeycomb ceramic print to reflect body's own IR+FIR back into the body
Charcoal color
Machine washable, dry on low

TrueLight Luna Red™ Nightlight + Flashlight

Emits non-sleep disrupting 658NM/1001 Kelvin red light (100% blue light free), Rechargeable batteries
USB recharging cable included (recharges in 3 hours)
Dusk 'til dawn motion sensing
Mounting options including built-in magnet in back with adhesive metal mounting plate or 3M® double sided mounting adhesive
Low brightness of 1.275 lux and High brightness of 17.47 lux
Size: 126mm x 50mm x 22mm

The Science of Sleep

Sleep is beautiful when it happens correctly. Living sleep-deprived can ruin everything. Dave and the team at TrueDark have done extensive research into various aspects of sleep and how you can hack your nighttime routine.

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