Daylights Elite

Stylish, streamlined design, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame, computer and junk light blue light blockers

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Daylights Elite

Stylish, streamlined design, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame, computer and junk light blue light blockers.


  • For daytime indoor use
  • Anti-reflective coating on lenses
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Foldable hard-shell glasses case
  • Microfiber lens cleaning cloth
  • Lightweight
  • Spring hinges for a more customized fit
  • Blue light blocking
  • Polarized (reduces glare) yellow lenses
  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Blocks 75% of blue light

TrueDark® yellow lensed eyewear is ideal for users who work/live/play in environments that are lit with artificial blue light emitting fixtures and are exposed to long periods of time utilizing blue light emitting devices (TVs, computers, tablets, phones, etc). Yellow lens glasses are ideal for people who suffer from disrupted sleep-wake cycle/circadian rhythms. Yellow lens eyewear is also ideal for shift workers as they can be more sensitive to artificial lighting during the dark hours they are awake, which disrupts their natural sleep-wake cycle/circadian rhythm.

An optimal 75% of blue light is blocked with our yellow lenses.

Combined with nighttime use of TrueDark Twilight glasses, you’ll experience 24-hour protection from junk light.

Blue light emitted from the sun helps regulate our sleep/wake cycle. However, in today’s world, we’re exposed to an overabundance of blue light or junk light from artificial light. This includes hours spent in front of TVs, phones, and computers. It also includes time spent in artificial man-made light with LEDs and fluorescent lights. Even if we’re simply reading a book, we’re doing that in artificial light which emits dramatically more blue light than the sun. That overexposure to junk light during the day has a dramatic impact on our neurotransmitters and hormones that are responsible for quality sleep.

TrueDark® Daylights glasses help filter the overabundance of junk light from artificial light sources when you are indoors, working on computers, watching TV, or anywhere else junk light is impacting your performance. Some blue light during the day is good for you, and TrueDark® Daylights will help you find the right balance of blue light exposure from artificial light sources. TrueDark® Daylights tones down the amount of the blue wavelengths that negatively impact your biology and help:

  • Block the harshest blue light wavelengths emitted by LEDs, electronics, phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Reduce daytime eye strain
  • Improve overall sleep
  • Synchronize your circadian rhythm

The Daylights lenses are strategically designed using pure, durable, prescription grade polycarbonate lenses. This results in true clarity of light and consistent junk light coverage throughout the scratch resistant lenses.

10 reviews for Daylights Elite

  1. marsha (verified owner)

    Purchased for my husband…………………… always using his iPad in the evening. He loves them and is using them. Even ordered another pair.
    Says they make reading so much easier and CALMS his brain……………..

  2. Andrea

    I work in a hospital that uses florescent lights everywhere. The first day I wore the daywalker glasses, my mood improved by 50%. After one week of daily wear, I was no longer miserable at the end of the day and I had more energy than I have had in years.

    I am happy that I can do something so simple and have it make such a big difference in my mood and my health. Thank you for creating these glasses, my husband and children thank you too. No more mean mommy.

  3. robert.ratchford (verified owner)

    I work in a military facility and they use a TON of florescent bulbs and computer screens…screens all day long. I sometimes go 10-12 hours without real daylight. I promise you that if you keep these on for a few days, you’ll have some amazing results in your mood, energy level, and the amount of sleep per night (if that’s a problem for you). I honestly can’t say enough good things about both these and the Twilights. The customer service is outstanding as well. My puppy got ahold of one of the cases and I dropped an email. They got back to me the next day and got a new case out to me right away. Also, I think the collapsible cases are really cool, too. Anyway, these are probably my favorite purchase in the past couple of years. Very impressed!

  4. Michael B. Mantz

    I have to say that I have had two interactions with customer service and they have been the best that I have had from any company that I can remember. They arer fast, responsive and very generous and courteous. I try to spread the word when businesses emphasize customer service. That being said these glasses are awesome. The addition of polarizing these lenses from the regular daywalkers really makes a difference. I can leave these on most of the day and feel comfortable and I usually don’t like wearing anything like jewelery, glasses, etc if I don’t have to. Once you put these on you can feel your eyes relaxing. And then you feel more relaxed. It has a nice relaxed and the yellow hue gives a little alertness so that they are not sedating as some darker glasses might be. I can use the computrer comfortabley and in fact now that I use these its crazy how you can feel the strain when you don’t use them when using a laptop or other close screen LED.

    Solid great glasses. Awesome customer service!

  5. Alisa O. (verified owner)

    I typically wear these when working on the computer during the day (which I do A LOT). I’ve noticed that my eyes feel less strain, and I feel generally less tired than I normally would. I was wearing glasses with a coating to help with the screen glare, but the Daywalker is noticeably better! The design is also comfortable to wear and they arrived quickly. I love them!

  6. Richard

    I just got these in the mail. As soon as I put them on I felt a shift in my eyes. More relaxed. The design is comfortable which is great. I normally hate wearing glasses on my face. I don’t need glasses for vision and I’ve never been a fan of sunnies.
    I do a lot of night driving and computer staring, which is why I bought these. My eyes have been tired and I’ve felt low energy for a while. I look forward to an improvement in this area with the use of these glasses.

  7. trs707

    This Daywalker Elan model is nice. Definitely fits my face much better than the Elite because I have a smaller head. They definitely relax my eyes under fluorescent lighting.

    However, there seems to be one significant issue with them that really needs attention and makes it so that I may opt to use other options for keeping out dirty light. The issue is the tint and visibility constantly changes any time I make even minor movements of my head.
    When I tilt my head to the left slightly, the tint goes away and the blue of the monitor is full force. When I tilt my head to the right, the tint gets progressively darker (more blue is blocked). It’s very distracting and bothersome.

    • Kim Loucks

      Hi! The change in color when you tilt the glasses is actually intentional, because the glasses are polarized. When you turn your head one way and the screen gets more yellow, that’s because the polarization in the lenses is interacting with the polarized filters built into most monitors, and are blocking even more than 75% of the blue light coming out of them. When you’re seeing them at a lighter yellow, they’re actually still blocking about 75% of that same light. This is very common when you wear polarized lenses. Don’t worry – this doesn’t negatively affect their functionality at all!

      Polarization is designed to help block out glare from external sources, such as overhead lights, nearby windows and such. It helps to reduce eye strain quite a bit from these sources, because your eyes don’t have to squint or re-focus to account for that reflected glare on your screen. It’s a premium feature we include with our Daywalker Elites. I hope this helps! Thank you!

  8. Jenna Keane

    Thank you for your feedback! The change in the lens that you’re experiencing is most likely related to the polarization of the lens. If you’d like to exchange or return them, we offer a 90 day love or return policy. Let us know at if you’d like a different pair.

  9. Jmers

    I am a new customer. I have been a major migraine sufferer for so many years and they usually start at work. I work at a business with Florescent lighting and they will not do anything to change them. I recently took a picture (& posted it online) of my cubicle showing my friends and family how I have made a hide out of sorts with the items made available to us to get away from the lighting. When my sister in law saw my post she decided to send me these Daywalker Elite glasses with the yellow lenses. She told me I needed to get away from the #junklight as much as possible. She knew about them because she and her daughter use these already.
    Within minutes of putting them on I felt such relief. I was astonished. I wore them most of the day yesterday and then took them home to show my husband and son. My son wore them for a couple hours. He said “oh … mom.. this is awesome. My eyes don’t hurt.”
    So, I will not be surprised if I end up buying 2 more pairs in the near future for my 2 men at home.
    Had I known this would have helped me and my migraines, I would have bought them myself sooner.
    For now I am so grateful to have such an awesome sister in law!!
    I am looking forward to seeing what more relief these glasses will bring.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you for making such a wonderful product!!!

  10. triproserv (verified owner)

    Was recently referred to TrueDark and am grateful to have found these awesome glasses. I’ve tried many different blue light blocking glasses and none worked for me. The TrueDark are the first brand that actually worked, relaxed my eyes, improved my mood, reduced eye strain and irritation. I work at my computer all day and night so these make a huge difference. Thank you for making these available. One suggestion, if you have a smaller/narrower face, try the Elan rather than the Elite – the style is great but overlap my face a bit. I just ordered the Elan for wearing outside the home and highly recommend the TrueDark brand!

    • Kim Loucks

      Thanks so much for letting us know how these have helped you! We’re very passionate about our mission to educate and protect against the dangers of junk light and it’s awesome to know we’ve made a difference for you.

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