The Best Sleep-Hacking Glasses for Quality Sleep at Night

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  • Researchers have documented the effects of blue light for quite some time, but more recent studies indicate that green and violet light can have negative impacts on the duration and quality of sleep too.
  • The lens color of your blue light blocking glasses matters because different colored lenses block out different amounts of specific wavelengths of light – some of which are more conducive for boosting energy and performance during the day while others are better fit for helping you fall and stay asleep.
  • Orange lenses block too much blue light during the day and not enough of the full junk light spectrum at night.
  • Red lenses are the most effective for promoting better sleep at nighttime.
  • TrueDark® Twilights use patent-pending red lenses to block out the maximum amount of blue, green and violet light at night – so that you can sleep well tonight and feel your best tomorrow.

“Blue blockers” aka “blue light blocking glasses” are an effective solution for managing your exposure to artificial light and regulating your circadian rhythms. With that said, the term “blue light blocking glasses” can have a relatively broad definition, and different colored lenses have varying intended purposes.  Science shows that red lenses with junk light blocking technology are the most effective option for inducing faster, deeper sleep.

Why Red Lenses are the Most Effective Option at Night

It is well known that blue light at night disrupts melatonin production and sleep. (1)(2)(3But researchers have discovered that green and violet light can directly impact the body’s internal clock, hormones, and sleep quality too.(4)(5)(6)(7

Graph showing disruption zone
Photo Source: Calories Proper

This is where the term “blue blockers” becomes a bit limiting; the reality is that in order to get better sleep in the evenings, you need to block out the full spectrum of junk light — including green and violet light in addition to blue.  This is also why the lens color of your blue blockers matters:

  • Clear and yellow lenses only block out 40% and 75% of blue light, respectively. This is great for daytime, but the goal is block out 100% of blue, green and violet light at night (or as close to that amount as possible).
  • Orange lenses typically block 90-99% of blue light, which is more than what clear or yellow lenses block during the daytime, but this is arguably too much. Remember that your body needs some blue light during the daytime to stay active and alert. If you’re blocking out too much blue light during the day, you may feel sleepier at work than normal. (Your boss won’t like this!) Conversely, orange lenses do not adequately cut out blue/green, green or violet light at night, which means that you may still experience sleep disruption.(8
  • Red lenses are the most effective for nighttime use because they can block the entire junk light spectrum.

TrueDark® Twilights are the Most Effective Nighttime Eyewear

TrueDark® Twilights are “sleep-hacking” glasses that simulate darkness after the sunsets. As soon as you put them on, the lack of light input signals to your brain that it’s time to start producing more melatonin so that you can fall and stay asleep.  Restorative sleep at night, in turn, supports your circadian rhythm the next day so that you can feel and function your best. It’s also worth noting that the lenses used in TrueDark® Twilights are strategically designed with science-backed technology that blocks the full spectrum of junk light, including blue, green, and violet wavelengths.  These lenses are also made with pure, durable, prescription-grade polycarbonate material, which allows for true clarity and consistent junk light coverage.



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