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TrueLight® Solutions

TrueLight® LED Light Therapy devices brings the beneficial powers of the sun to you in scientifically engineered LED Light Therapy devices for your convince. Feel rejuvenated from your skin to deep tissue and more. TrueLight Luna Red™ Sunset Lighting allows you to take control of your lighting and end sources blue “junk” light in your home.

TrueLight® LED Light Therapy

TrueLight Luna Red® IR+FIR Blanket


TrueDark® Computer Glasses

TrueDark® next-generation blue blocking glasses are backed by science and designed to prevent you from being overexposed to blue junk light in your home, at work, and essentially everywhere that LED and fluorescent lighting is present. 

TrueDark® Nighttime Glasses

TrueDark® next-generation sleep promoting glasses are backed by science and designed to naturally increase melatonin production in the brain by mimicking light waves at twilight, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

TrueDark Sleep Bundles

A Biohacker’s starter kit. We have bundled our best selling TrueDark and TrueLight items while saving you money. Simply choose the bundle that best suits your needs and enjoy your journey to better sleep and improved energy!

TrueDark 24-Hour Solutions

Get True 24-Hour blue light protection and save. Our TrueDark 24-Hour Solutions offer customizable pairings of daytime and nighttime glasses that best fit your lifestyle. Simply choose your solution and save!

24 Hour Solutions

TrueDark 24 Hour Solution


TrueDark Prescription Computer Glasses

Love TrueDark glasses but need prescriptions? We have you covered! Simply choose your favorite frames and select which lens option you’d like.

TrueDark Kids Computer & Sleep Glasses

Kids are spending more and more time in front of screens. Help protect their developing eyes with TrueDark Kids blue light blocking Daylights for screen time and Twilights for winding down and better sleep. 

Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Kids Superhero Daylights™


Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Kids Printed Daylights™


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