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Twilights Sunset Fairlane
Svetlana Vasileva
I love the daytime pair

I believe the lenses are working really well, as I am able to go even outside and be better protected than my good sunglasses. I would appreciate better frame options .

TrueDark 24 Hour Solution
Jitendra Chamoli
Great protect

Great product. However there might be marks on nose after long time use of glasses with purchased item., thanks 🙏

Twilights Elite
Jean Maddox

It is a little difficult getting used to the red, but it does seem to help.

Can I exchange them

Thought it was me but I think the lenses are warped. Vision seems wavy and not clear.

Better sleep

True reds make me fall asleep faster and better

TrueDark Twilights Fitovers
Marion Schleusener
True Dark Twilight Fitovers

When I use these, I find I am ready for bed when it is time for bed. They are an important part of my bedtime routine.

Today is my first day I try it.

TrueDark 24 Hour Solution
Xavier Vanbrabant
My review

I like my purchase a lot. I work with a computer all day. When I arrive at work I put my glasses on for 8,5 hours. I go outside and walk a couple a times a day. I have had other glasses but they do not have the same effect. I find it hard to watch a screen without them. The light is very harsh without them.
The red glasses take some getting used to.
I do have to use them more.

I do have one suggestion to improve.
Both pair of glasses come in a grey box.
It is hard to differentiate without opening them. Might I suggest 2 different colours ie a grey one and a black one.

Twilights Classic
Harold Ridaught III
Twilights Classic glasses a must have

Very pleased with twilights classic because of my better sleep quality

Twilights Classic
Emil Bergendahl rönnqvist

Falling asleep is impeccable now

Well Constructed

High quality lenses and frame. My first pair of Fairlanes, 4th pair of Truedark. The red film helps my eyes stay relaxed.

Will definitely recommend to others.

I like my glasses

I need a few more days at the office with all Florescene lighting. Im ecited to slow down the eye strain.


I love what the glasses do for blue light… but the frame that arrived was much bigger than I thought it would be. I think your company needs to bring more styles in. Not many feminine choices.

Twilights Elite
Eric Brinton
They work great

I wear them at home after the sun goes down and I get sleepy within 30 min. Now I don’t have to take melatonin supplements anymore!

Great Value

Great value. The glasses are comfortable and the colour is sleek


Cuts out blue light I didn't realize was there until I put on the glasses.

I have not experience any difference .
Im not sure if it is long term - i only been using it for a week


Have been using the twilights since I got them. Love how they feel on the eyes.
Seem to be sleeping better too. Very nice


I love the look through these glasses; they make the indoors have the glow of natural sunlight. However, the design could be a little better. They are very flat across the top to where my eye is at the top of the glasses and feel like oversized reader glasses. This also make the top edge of the lens at eyelevel, which disrupts the line of vision a bit. But overall I am happy I purchased them.

Twilights Elite
Rodney Vessey
Great glasses!

Very happy with my glasses very good quality and look great also.

Love them!

Good size and great colour!

Great Glasses

As someone who works from home on the computer, these glasses prevent my eyes from getting dry and tired. I love the evening ones as well and by wearing them consistently for 2 hours before bed I have gotten more deep sleep according to my tracking device. Great product and worth every penny.

Worth The Wait

Because my glasses were on backorder it took a while to receive them. This said, when they arrived, the fit, function and style were all as described. I own several TrueDark products and all are great quality. This item is no exception. Gotta like that. 😀

Twilights Classic
Christopher Burgamy

Twilights Classic

Combatting Sleepless in the country side

Who knew that a tiny little light from my electronics could so adversely affect my life! It is nice to have control over what my family is exposed to!