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Twilights Sunset Dark Tortoiseshell Pro

Twilights Elite
zaihly azar

Flavor is not so good

Great glasses

The glasses look great, fit well and are made of nice material happy about getting them A+

Twilights Sunset Fairlane
Jacqueline Menard
Never received the item.

I have never received the package or was notified that my order was placed . You did however charge my credit card. There was no phone number for me to call. Please take care of this or I will notify my bank.


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Great to wear in artificial lighting environment

Lenses are very high quality, glasses are very comfortable to wear and the transition works very well in daylight.

Twilights Classic
Sheila Sundahl
Never received

I emailed you guys already once. I never received my glasses and they were not cheap. I’m not happy with NO response. I’d either like a refund or the item I purchased. Thank you

night driving

I normally avoid driving after Sunset I was a distance from my destination.
wearing my true dark eyeglasses my anxiety level dropped with a renew confidence I enjoyed the trip.

Junk Light Dots
Judy Koutal
Never received

I never received the items.

Daylights™ Dark Tortoiseshell Vista

Twilights Fitovers
Amy Koelzer

Twilights Fitovers



Great day blue blocker - Twilights Grey Tortoiseshell Pro

They look great and have really helped with daytime computer work.

Definitely a great purchase.

getting to sleep easier

Really nice quality, took me a little bit to get used to the color and decreased light, but also felt the difference right away. And I am falling asleep faster.

Superior Quality & They Work!

Love these so much. The quality is off the charts. My eyes are much more rested throughout the day. Packaging is excellent and the included folding glasses case is remarkably nice. Will buy again.

Twilights Classic
Apilash Elangeswaran

Twilights Classic

My sleep has improved!

I have been trying out many different tips for insomnia that sometimes helped for a few weeks then it slowly stops working. With the Twilights they slowly started helping, and now I have an average of 7 hours sleep instead of the normal 3 hours. I can even watch netflix online with the glasses on.

Daylight amber glasses

Helps me sleep better if I wear them 1to2 hours before sleep.

Twilight glasses definitely improve quality of my sleep

Only setback is frame material for elite model. Feels a bit heavier. Has been wearing most of the days even while i am driving. No negative comments so far and hoping forward for positive results After wearing twilight glasses I could sleep long and well and felt rested on my 10 hour flight to Turkey.


This is my 7th pair of blue light blocking glasses from various companies and these are by far the greatest of them all!
I especially appreciate the wrap around design for better protection.

Daylights™ Reading Glasses

Twilights Fitovers
Karla Gaddis

Great for sleeping

A little too dark

I like the twilights but they are a little too dark and i find myself pulling them down to see around the house.

Twilights Sunset Dawning
Heather McIntosh
Twilight glasses

They have really improved my sleep. I wear them about 2 hours before bed, and I have really noticed a difference. I am very happy with them, and would definitely recommend them!

Twilights Sunset Dawning
Melanie Patridge
Sleeping like a dream

I started using these after sunset & within 3 days I noticed major improvement in my sleep. There are nights I don’t even wake up!!