TrueDark Gaming

Focus Better. Play Better.

We’ve all had those games.  Your doing great and crushing the game and then you’re not. You keep getting spawn killed.  Can’t make a goal.  The dungeon boss just used your character as a mop to tidy up a bit.  Then you quit and came back to it later and you dominate again.

What happened? 

Did you forget how to play? – Probably not. 

Did you just need a nap? – Kinda.

Is that awesome 4k display feeding you Blue Junk Light that is causing eyestrain, affecting your brain, and making you play like a newb?


You are affected by the Blue Junk Light that the awesome display you are playing on is flooding you with.  That’s why it’s important to add TrueDark to your gaming arsenal.  Game with your TrueDarks to block that Blue Junk Light, focus better, reduce eyestrain, sleep better, and game better.

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