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5 stars

I have now used these for about a week and seen a noticeable improvement in my sleep quality and how early I will actually feel like going to bed if I put them on. I track my sleep and have seen a steady rise in good sleep rhythms and felt more rested as a result.

Padhmi J.

TrueDark Twilight Fitovers
5 stars

Used them for the first time on my transatlantic flight going east. Usually I’m jet lagged for 4-5 days but after using the TrueDark twilight glasses for the entire 8 hour flight I not only for the first time slept 5 hours (never done that in the air before) but also experienced virtually no jet lag!

Devon S.

TrueDark Twilight Elite Glasses
5 stars

I’ve tried multiple blue light blocking glasses from the orange construction to fancy orange aviator styles and to be honest, these are the best performing ones I’ve had. They really fully block blue light with their deep orange color and the pad around the glasses that prevent light from coming in on the sides. I can now easily fall asleep within 10 minutes even after reading books on my tablet in bed.

Anna B.

Twilights Classic

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About Twilights

TrueDark® Twilights are “sleep-hacking” glasses that simulate darkness after the sunsets. As soon as you put them on, the lack of light input signals to your brain that it’s time to start producing more melatonin so that you can fall and stay asleep.  Restorative sleep at night, in turn, supports your circadian rhythm the next day so that you can feel and function your best. It’s also worth noting that the lenses used in TrueDark® Twilights are strategically designed with science-backed technology that blocks the full spectrum of junk light, including blue, green, and violet wavelengths.

About TrueDark®

TrueDark® is a wellness technology brand created by the father of biohacking, Dave Asprey. We are committed to improving health and performance through the use of light. We help the world stop junk light, then recognize and harness healthy light for your sleep-wake cycle, healing, and more. Our products, tools and education help your control the light in your environment. Through the use of patent-pending innovative red-light therapy devices, our goal is to help you look, feel and perform better

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