TrueDark offers a 20% Military discount

Use coupon code: VETERANS20

Receive 20% off any order on for Active Duty, Reservists, Guard Troops, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses and Military Family Members. This also includes active and retired military dogs – because they are family too. 

*Wholesale pricing is also available for military units that are interested in purchasing products in larger quantities. Please email for more info.

Military man wearing TrueDark Daylight Transition Glasses

TrueDark Daylights are ideal for helping military personnel that spend extended periods of time under artificial lighting, using digital devices and/or operating machinery that use LED screens. TrueDark yellow and clear lensed daytime eyewear styles help reduce eye strain and fatigue, and they are great way to regulate your circadian rhythm naturally.

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Girl reading book wearing TrueDark Twilight Sunset Fairlane glasses

TrueDark Twilights

TrueDark Twilights block out up to 100% of junk light so that your body can produce more melatonin naturally, thereby helping you fall and stay asleep without the use of prescriptions or other sleep aids. These sleep-hacking glasses are essential for military personnel who work rotating shifts or those that have trouble sleeping due to various conditions such as PTSD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Man Using TrueLight Energy Square Yellow Light Therapy

Active Military, Veterans, Retirees, Guard Troops, Military Spouses and their Immediate Family Members (i.e. parents and children of Veterans) are eligible for the program. We also proudly support military dogs that are either active or retired.

No, this program is exclusively for eligible members.

No, discounts cannot be combined. We only accept one discount code per order on 

Military working dogs face many of the same dangers in combat as human service members, and it’s not uncommon for them to experience serious traumatic injuries. Retired military dogs may also develop variety of health issues that affect their movement and comfortability. Light therapy is a painless and non-invasive treatment method for healing the skin and body. It is particularly helpful for: improving blood circulation, cellular healing, and muscle recovery. TrueLight light therapy products are entirely safe for animals, including working dogs, to use. Whether a K-9 has suffered serious injuries, or if they are easing into their retirement years with some aches and pains, TrueLight devices can offer them comfort.