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Man Wearing TrueDark Daylights Elite Glasses
5 stars

I’ve noticed that my eyes feel less strain, and I feel generally less tired than I normally would. I was wearing glasses with a coating to help with the screen glare, but the Elites are noticeably better!

Aleister W.

5 stars

I promise you that if you keep these on for a few days, you will have some amazing results in your mood, energy level, and the amount of sleep you get per night.

Victoria G.

office worker feeling eye strain
5 stars

TrueDark are the first brand that actually worked, relaxed my eyes, improved my mood, reduced eye strain and irritation. I work at my computer all day and night so these make a huge difference.

Brittany R.

Daylights Amber Elite

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Innovative Design

We designed Daylights Amber Elite to look good on anyone, making them ideal for daily wear. Our lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame allows for maximum comfort during prolonged use.

Optimized Blue Light Filtration

With our amber lens glasses, 75% of blue light is filtered, reducing your exposure to artificial light. As a result, you will experience increased energy and focus throughout the day, allowing you to better regulate your sleep-wake cycle/circadian rhythm.

Advanced Technology

The TrueDark® junk light blockers offer you maximum protection from artificial blue light, giving you more energy and improving your overall sleep/wake cycle.

About True Dark®

Overexposure to artificial light or “junk light” results in major disruptions to our sleep patterns, and can affect our overall health. In 2015, our co-founders recognized advances in science and were interested in creating solutions to reduce junk light exposure based on cutting-edge research.

The goal was to educate the world about how light impacts sleep and the direct correlation between using light-emitting devices and overall health. When our founders discovered there wasn’t an eyewear solution on the market that worked for both day and night, they developed TrueDark®.

Our product line goes beyond just blocking junk light, and expands to add healthy light and harness the power of good light at a cellular level. TrueDark® is a health and wellness technology brand committed to improving people’s lives by providing products, tools and education designed to help them control the light in their environment.

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