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Looking at a computer with blue light can lead to eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption.

Increase Focus

Better sleep and less eye strain results in more energy.

Sleep Better

Maximize control of your circadian rhythm. Your body doesn’t signal melatonin if your melanopsin-infused sensors are seeing daytime colors.

Dave Asprey TrueDark

The glasses are like noise cancelling headphones for your eyes, you can feel your brain relax… I have doubled my deep sleep.

Dave Asprey

Founder, BulletProof Coffee

Photo Credit: Mind Body Green

Why TrueDark?


With over 10 years of research and development behind them, TrueDark® Twilights have multiple optic filters which block out all wavelengths of the junk light which disrupt your sleep.


TrueDark® Twilights is the first and only solution designed to filter out ALL of the sleep-stealing and performance-robbing wavelengths in the evening before bedtime.


TrueDark® Daylights are unique let in the precise amount of blue light that you need to signal to your body that it is daytime. This light tells your body that it should be active, focused, and energetic.

Change Your Light
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Improve Focus During the Day

This includes overhead fluorescent and “CFL” lighting that is in most offices and retail shopping stores. Constant exposure to this lighting can cause eye fatigue, headaches, poor sleep and a host of other conditions.

TrueDark Daylights lenses filter out the most extreme, artificial blue “junk” light that most man-made light sources display and improve your focus on what’s important to you.

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What People Say

Absolutely loving my new TrueDark Glasses. They block every spectrum of light that makes your brain think it is daytime, far more than blue blockers. EVAN GONZALEZUI / UX Designer EVAN GONZALEZ I was wearing glasses with a coating to help with the screen glare, but the Daylights is noticeably better! The design is also comfortable to wear and they arrived quickly. I love them! Melisa Pomero Melisa Pomero I typically wear these when working on the computer during the day (which I do A LOT). I’ve noticed that my eyes feel less strain, and I feel generally less tired than I normally would. John SwayGraphic Designer John Sway

Sleep Better at Night Naturally

Go to Sleep Easier

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I always use my Twilight TrueDark Glasses espic before I go to bed.

JP Sears

Life Coach and Comedian

Double Your Deep Sleep

The glasses take out all of the junklight and allows you to still comfortably read before bed.

TrueDark Twilights glasses come in multiple styles. Most are designed to be used straight out of their box. Simply remove the protective packing material and begin wearing anytime within about 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep.

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What People Say

I am highly satisfied with both pairs of these glasses. Functionally, the Twilights pair also create a noticeable improvement in my sleep quality. Amanda Amanda TrueDark has provided me with better preparation for sleep. Beginning an hour before bed, I feel a real sense of the emotions calming, the muscle behind and around eyes resting. John John I’ve tried multiple blue light blocking glasses from the orange construction glasses to fancy orange aviator glasses and to be honest, these are the best performing ones I’ve ever had! Simon Simon Previous Next

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