The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sleep Ever

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sleep Ever


Other sleep hacks to try

After you’d have a chance to adjust some of the lifestyle habits that may be inhibiting your sleep, there are tools that you can use to actually measure both the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Wearables. Sleep trackers have been trending for the past several years.  Wearables in particular are typically worn on the wrist or finger to measure sleep patterns and ultimately help you improve your sleep. They track things like: movement, heart rate, temperature, air quality, snoring, different sleep levels, as well as light levels.

Oura Rings

The Oura Ring, for example, is a sleek wearable that you wear on your finger, and it tracks things happening in your body throughout the day (and night).  It measures things like your heart rate, heart rate variability (stress level), body temperature and breathing rates. If you haven’t been active enough during the day, it will let you know.  And if you want to see how much deep sleep you actually got the night before in comparison to your total rest time, the device will provide you with that information too. The great thing about the metrics and data is that they can be used to help inform our decision making the next day. For example, if you’re showing high heart rate variability than your stress levels are up. It may be a good idea to meditate or book a yoga session. If you’re waking up in the middle of the night, perhaps you’re going to bed too early, or you had caffeine too late in the day. The power is truly in the data, and Oura is giving you the chance to take more control of your sleep.

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Smart Apps. If you prefer not to wear devices on your body, smart apps are another great alternative that can help you track and improve your sleep. The SleepScore app claims to be the most detailed and accurate sleep improvement app. It uses the microphone and speaker from your smartphone to measure your breathing rate and body movement. When you wake up in the morning, the app then delivers an in-depth analysis into every stage of your sleep.  Also, in case you’re worried about your personal information being shared, it’s comforting to know that SleepScore does NOT record or share your personal data.

Smart Mattresses.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 30% of the general population complains about sleep disruption.  Smart mattresses are among the newest innovations in sleep that allow you to track and improve your sleep habits. Eight Sleep, for instance, uses sensors to detect the user’s needs and adjust things like the pressure and temperature of the mattress throughout the night.  Some smart mattresses can even be integrated with a number of smart home devices. You might find yourself asking, “Alexa, how did I sleep?”

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Be mindful of your caffeine intake.

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