Kids 24 Hour Solution


Screens, screens, everywhere! Kids are using digital devices earlier and longer than ever before, which can have serious impacts on their energy and development. Help your kid(s) get a handle on their screen time by empowering them to limit their junk light exposure throughout the day and before bedtime. 


Mark D.
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I've heard Dave Asprey talk about his goofy looking glasses and how extremely effective they are. My wife and I are so glad that we finally tried them! It’s a great product and I have already told a number of coworkers how much I love them!
Steve G.
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OMG! These are super cool. Thank you! I’ve personally placed three orders with you over the years and spread your news to others too. Autonomic Response Testing shows these glasses are super critical for healing the eyes from neurotoxicity from Lyme or Mold. Been using my glasses for almost 2 years and love them. Wife and kids do too.
Jason K.
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I can't say enough about the almost instantaneous effects of wearing true dark glasses. They put me into an instant state of relax mode and slow my body down to a gentle state of clam. The first night of wearing these before bed gave me at least an extra 2 hours of deep sleep. Buy a pair. You will not regret it. EVER.
Petra L.
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Amazing quality, they make you sleep better, and sleep makes you do better the next day! They totally worked for me, I love them!
Jessenia Q.
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I have been wearing Daylights when on the computer at home or work and later, after I get home, I switch over to Twilight glasses...after about 10 days of wearing both: I just now realize how much more strength and energy I have, I'm a better mood...just from getting real sleep....Also, my left eye is no longer in pain and no longer feels like it is inflamed and has "some foreign body" stuck in feels normal, Praise you Lord!!! TrueDark is really them!!! They will help your eyes, your mood and your energy level...amazing!!! Thanks, TrueDark!!
Glenda O.
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I have had my true dark transition glasses for about a month now. I love them. They are comfortable and really help cut down on eye fatigue and overall tiredness when I wear them . I also noticed I am sleeping better. I just purchased the transition glasses but wear them whenever I am on the computer or my phone, both day and evening. I am loving them so much but still think I am going to buy the Twilight glasses for evening TV.
TrueDark Blue Light Blockage Chart

Our clear-lenses Daylights block 40% of blue light and are a great option for people who needs to see true colors on screens and/or stay in uniform at work throughout the daytime.

Our yellow-lenses Daylights are also meant for daytime, but they block 75% of blue light. The lens color DOES matter and directly influences how much junk light your glasses can block. These are arguably the most functional option to block out junk light during the day without blocking too much (like orange lenses do).

Our Twilights use proprietary red lenses to block up to 100% of blue, green, and violet light at night (the full junk light spectrum that you want to block at nighttime, specifically). For those that tend to work later into the evening but still want the flexibility of being able to fall asleep quickly, the Twilights Sunset collection is your best bet. They have gradient lenses that are darker on top and lighter on the bottom so that you can block out junk light while still being able to see, read, and write.

Together, TrueDark Daylights and Twilights provide a true 24-hour solution for blocking out the right types of light at the right times of day and night.

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