Healthy Sleep Bundle


Stop dreaming of better Zzz’s! The Healthy Sleep Bundle is packed with simple yet effective tools that help your body live in harmony with technology. More specifically, they promote greater melatonin production, relaxation, and recovery at nighttime so that you can feel and function your best the next day. We know that it takes time to turn a habit into a routine. Rest assured, getting your light right will help you take your sleep hygiene to the next level. 

  • One Pair of TrueDark Twilights Sleep-Hacking Glasses
  • One TrueLight Luna Red Sunset Light Bulb
  • One TrueLight Luna Red Portable Nightlight
  • One TrueLight FIR Blanket


Edecsa A.
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Our family has been using TrueDark products for years. When we tried our first pair of Twilight Classics and felt an instant serenity in our brains, we had to see what other products we could try. Since then we have added the full body red light therapy mat and the infrared blanket to our bedtime routine and let me report that not only has this elevated our sleep quality but as a health care worker working under harsh fluorescent lights, the daylight glasses have become my secret weapon against migraines and fatigue. True dark products have become part of our daily rituals and any chance we get, we are happy to share them with our friends and family.
Petra L.
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Amazing quality, they make you sleep better, and sleep makes you do better the next day! They totally worked for me, I love them!
Julie P.
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​I ordered the Twilight red glasses and the yellow glasses. The construction of the glasses are well-made and comfortable on. I got the Twilights because I usually read books in bed at night with a book light and that was the suggestion. I have also changed my lightbulbs from LED to regular. I am not getting the eye strain and headaches that I had usually gotten at night due to the glare of screen and LED light, and I have found that my sleep has been more restful with more energy and no midday slump. I am very happy with these glasses.
Sven S.
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After wearing TrueDark Twilight glasses for the first time, it only took a few minutes to feel my brain was relaxing. I had the best sleep ever and woke up before the alarm clock!
Erica A.
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Adding the infrared blanket to my bedtime routine has improved my sleep quality. I've told all of my friends and family!

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