TrueLight Luna Red™ IR+FIR Blanket


TrueLight Luna Red™ IR+FIR Blanket


TrueLight Luna Red™ IR+FIR Blanket can support increased circulation and lymphatic flow, muscle recovery, pain reduction, relaxation and restful sleep.

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Product Description

TrueLight® Regenerative IR+FIR Blanket

Our Regenerative IR+FIR blanket is also the perfect companion piece to any of our TrueLight light therapy devices.


  • Soft, brushed double-sided plush 100% polyester fleece 90” x 60” blanket (Twin Size)
  • Lightweight.  Packs and stores easily.
  • Portable and versatile; perfect as a traditional blanket or body wrap.
  • Machine washable and dryable (low heat).
  • Durable travel/storage bag
  • NON-electric!  Our blanket harnesses your own body’s IR and FIR emissions and focuses them back to help regenerate and relax.  Safe for everyone.

Possible Benefits:

  • Improve sleep and relax the body.
  • Boost the immune system and reduce pain.
  • Increase circulation and lymphatic flow.

How Regenerative IR FIR Fabric Works

This fleece blanket is designed to absorb, store, and reflect back the body’s own IR+FIR wavelengths.  It is particularly unique because it uses charcoalized bamboo particles that are permanently suspended in the yarn.  These allow the IR wavelengths to be reflected back to the user.  Additionally, FIR wavelengths are reflected with the use of proprietary volcanic minerals printed on the backside.  When combined, these innovative technologies enable the gentle transmission of energies that are absorbed through the skin and into the tissue and organs of the body.


Ideal for airplane travel, after exercise, or while spending the evening relaxing at home, especially because of the ability to help the user fall asleep 15-20 minutes faster.   An additional benefit of charcoalized bamboo is its absorption of odors, which will keep your blanket fresher, longer!

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

It is not just light that we can see that comes from the sun.  White light can be split up into a spectrum of many different wavelengths and colors.  Visible light is just part of a continuous spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.

Our focus for Regenerative IR+FIR textiles is on the invisible infrared and far-infrared light spectrum, which have the identified benefits that are utilized through Light Therapy.

There is scientific evidence that infrared and far-infrared light spectrums have a biological impact on our bodies.  The red spectrum of light penetrates the skin deeper than other light spectrums, to reach the hypodermis. It is this deeper penetration that allows the benefits to be so far reaching.  As the deeper cells are impacted, photons can enter the blood stream and be distributed throughout your body.  Our blanket is designed to absorb the body’s own infrared and far-infrared rays and instead of dissipating, they are reflected back to the body to heal and regenerate.

Scientific Studies:

For more studies and information see our Blogs on FIR and Bioceramics.

IR is a type of energy that’s invisible to the human eyes, but we can sense it as heat. These waves occur at frequencies above those of microwaves and just below those of red visible light, hence the name “infrared,” which means “beyond the red”.

TrueLight Electromagnetic Spectrum

Infrared radiation can be categorized into three groups according to wavelength, including near infrared (NIR), medium infrared (MIR), and far infrared (FIR) — the latter being the main generator of heat, which occurs at the lower end of the range. 

Learn more here.

In the context of textiles and fabrics, “bioceramics” can be defined as ceramics that have some sort of biological function, and they can emit far infrared rays (CJP). The clear distinction here is that the ceramic material can recycle and reflect the body’s displaced infrared radiation for general health purposes.

Bioceramic textiles are essentially infused with thermo-reactive minerals (powders) that have been super-heated and turned into fabrics. The ceramic particles in these fabrics are considered perfect absorbers that can help retain and re-emit infrared rays displaced by the body – specifically far-infrared (FIR). Examples of bioceramic powders that can be added to textile structures for this FIR re-emitting benefit include:  
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 
Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) 
Aluminium oxide (Al2O3) 
Iron III oxide (Fe2O3) 
Silicon dioxide (SiO2) 
Titaniumdioxide (TiO2) 
Bamboo charcoal 
Pearl powder 
Bioceramics notably has a high coefficient of reflection especially in the range of infrared radiation — meaning that a large portion of the IR is harnessed and reflected. 
Learn more here. 

Yes, it does! Please be sure to have the printed (back) side of the blanket face-down towards your body. This side of the blanket appears to have little honeycombs all over it; this is the volcanic minerals which are permanently bonded into the fabric, which helps reflect IR+FIR to the body

How Regenerative IR FIR Fabric Works

The short answer is yes, you can use this blanket with or without clothes on. The bottom line is that the less things that get in between you and the infrared rays, the better; so if you are going to wear clothes while using the blanket, it’s best to wear something lightweight and breathable, like a t-shirt and shorts. 

A good way to think about this is akin to how sunlight passes through trees. Take the photo below, for example, and assume that the temperature directly underneath and around the trees is the same.

Even though the trees are casting shadows, there are still some ”sunny spots” where sunlight is passing through the limbs. IR rays work similarly when they travel through layers of clothing. Part of the energy is absorbed and reflected by the clothes, but part of it will make it through to your body anyway. 
If you’ve ever walked out from under a tree’s shadow on a sunny day, then you’ve likely experienced an immediate difference — specifically a warmth caused by the energy from the sun. Even if the temperature is the same, it may feel warmer to you because the sun’s IR rays are now reaching your body more directly. Similarly, when you have direct skin-to-blanket contact, it’s much easier to harness your body’s natural IR energy. 

This blanket can be used at any time of day (or night). Whether you’re relaxing at home, traveling, or recovering from strenuous exercise, the TrueLight™ Regenerative IR+FIR Blanket promotes cell regrowth within the body — even while you sleep!

Polyester (PET) is a synthetic fiber, which makes it a sturdier and longer-lasting material than some of its counterparts (e.g. cotton). At the end of its long life, it can be recycled. When it comes to sustainability, don’t forget that reusing items is a form of recycling; and polyester can be used many times for different applications. Bioceramic technology notably works only with synthetic fibers that can be infused and bonded at a molecular level to ensure permanence. 
While most people prefer natural fibers, there are some drawbacks to these.  For example, conventional cotton is extremely toxic to the environment.  One pound of pesticides is used in the cotton fiber that goes into a single King-size sheet! The use of organic cotton is still very sparse with most makers of apparel and home furnishingsconventional cotton is more common, and it’s grown with pesticides. Regarding durability, natural fibers are more fragile than synthetic fibers. If they are used regularly, the fibers will wear out faster and therefore be less sustainable than synthetics.

Machine wash separately in cold water.  Use only Non-Chlorine bleach as needed.  Tumble dry low or line dry.  Do not use softeners. 

No, normal washing and cleaning of your blanket will not affect its effectiveness. The bioceramic materials used in this blanket are permanently infused into the fabric’s yarn. 

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