TrueDark Twilight Classic and Twilight Fitovers glasses

Using TrueDark® Twilight Glasses

TrueDark Twilight glasses contain patented lenses that provide your eyes and brain with virtual darkness. They are most effective at night before going to sleep.

TrueDark Twilight glasses come in multiple styles. Most are designed to be used straight out of their box. Simply remove the protective packing material and begin wearing anytime within about 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep. A removable prescription insert is included as part of the Twilight Classic style. See instructions below.

When to Wear TrueDark® Twilight Glasses

Experiment to see how your body and sleep patterns react to Twilight glasses. We suggest initially using them approximately 30 minutes prior to going to sleep. Some people find that a shorter time frame works for them. Others find amazing benefit and maximum impact from wearing the glasses as much as 2 hours before they want to fall asleep. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here, so find what works best for you!

Pro-tip: Wear your TrueDark Twilight glasses during air travel, especially during nighttime flights when you expect to land in the morning at local time. Avoid taking the glasses on and off repeatedly as multiple major shifts in light right before bedtime can cause melanopsin activation (melatonin suppression) and physiological stress.

Caution: Avoid using TrueDark Twilight glasses if you are working at night or concentrating deeply. Never use while driving or operating heavy machinery. Instead, use TrueDark Daylights while you’re concentrating, then switch to TrueDark Twilight–when you’re done.

Twilight Prescription Insert Instructions (Twilight Classic style only)

  1. To remove the insert hold the top of the frame and gently pull back on the gray triangle.
  2. The top of the glasses frame will pull back, allowing you to pull the insert out.
  3. Then simply click the gray arrow back in place.
Twilight Classic with Prescription Inserts
Twilight Classic with Prescription Inserts

Caution: Your local optometrist can put prescription lenses in the insert, which can then be easily clicked back into the glasses. If you don’t require a prescription, you can either discard the insert or save it in the event your eyesight changes in the future.

Compare Twilight Glasses

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[pricing_column id=”596″ title=”Classic” features=” Sport Styling, Full Coverage, Polycarbonate Frame, Wear with prescription lens inserts | Pair with Daylights Classic for 24-Hr Coverage” image=”true” highlight=”false”]

[pricing_column id=”592″ title=”Elite” features=” Modern Styling, Streamlined Coverage, Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame | Pair with Daylights Elite for 24-Hr Coverage” image=”true” highlight=”false”]

[pricing_column id=”946″ title=”Fitovers” features=” Fit Over Styling, Full Coverage, Polycarbonate Frame, Wear with prescription glasses | Pair with Daylights Fitovers for 24-Hr Coverage” image=”true” highlight=”false”]