Father's Day Sale

20% off*

20% off*

*select items (through 6/21/20)

Because your dad, grandpa, or other father figure could use the love, now more than ever.

Whether you’re hunkered down at home with your dad, or you’re admiring him from afar, why not gift him something that he can truly use every day, and that supports his health and well-being?

TrueDark eyewear provides a true 24-hour solution for blocking the right about of junk light (and harmful UV rays), which can help your dad preserve his natural circadian rhythm and protect his eyes from the sun. These technology advanced glasses come in a variety of shapes and with different colored lenses to support any lifestyle!

Looking for a little something extra?

Give Dad the power of healthy light to power his body and his home!

Dave Asprey using the Truelight Energy Square while shirtless

TrueLight® LED Light therapy devices use a patent-pending combination of deep red, red, near-infrared and yellow light to help heal the body — from the surface of the skin all the way down to the bone!

For a limited time, save 20% off of ALL TrueLight LED light therapy devices.

Nightlight +Flashlight showing the side view while turned on showing the red hue

The new TrueLight Nightlight + Flashlight has motion and dusk-to-dawn sensors that effectively provide illumination without throwing off your circadian rhythm. It only emits red light!

For a limited time, save 20% off the TrueLight Nightlight + Flashlight

Please note: due to high demand, a few of our products are on backorder and in production. You can still take advantage of the Father’s Day discount if you purchase by 6/21, however, these products may not ship until August 2020.

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